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Every donation no matter how small, helps UFCH provide Healthcare for All.

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The United Foundation for China’s Health appreciates your support!

Your charitable donations make it possible for us to provide quality medical care to those that are often forgotten or do not have a voice or the means to afford the treatment they need. Orphans with congenital heart disease, birth defects and more; adults with chronic disease; women who have suffered sexual exploitation or domestic abuse all deserve the opportunity to receive the care they need. UFCH is uniquely positioned to provide care for vulnerable populations at its partner United Family Healthcare hospitals as well as the best local hospitals across China. Your support means that we can offer our services including our new Wheels for Life Community Health Van to more communities in need. Please make a difference in someone’s life today and support the efforts of UFCH.

Operating in China since 2001, the United Foundation for China’s Health is a registered U.S. charitable organization. We were granted permanent 501(c)(3) Public Charity Status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 2005 (EIN: 51-0407118). All donations made to UFCH are tax deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law. Our charity programs are formally registered in China as the United Family Charitable Fund under the purview of the Overseas Chinese Charitable Foundation, which is authorized to grant tax deduction receipts for donations made in RMB. If you have other questions about making a donation, feel free to contact us at

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