Our Work

Remote Diagnosis & Training

Providing remote diagnosis and training to partners in Sichuan through our Cisco WebEx program

Remote Diagnosis & Training

We aim to help as many underserved children receive diagnoses and quality treatments as possible, whilst enabling their caregivers to receive more targeted professional training. To achieve this, the United Foundation for China’s Health (UFCH) invites medical experts to provide medical services for underserved children remotely via our Cisco – Web-Ex technology. We also invite caregivers and rural doctors to participate in our medical seminar though our Cisco –Web-EX technology in the hopes that they will learn from the medical experts on our training support team.

What we do

  • Create a remote diagnosis program
  • Provide special education and medical training to welfare home caregivers
  • Transfer knowledge through medical seminars

Our work process

  • Collect children’s medical information
  • Communicate with doctor remotely using Web-Ex
  • Doctor provides diagnosis
  • Doctor determines if surgery or further treatment is needed
  • Provide the treatment or arrange for surgery
  • Follow up on child’s progress via Web-Ex

RDAT project manager: Zoe Ji
Office: +86(10)59277212