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United Family-Marbury Program

Collaboration between basketball star Stephon Marbury and the United Family Charitable Fund created the ‘Youth Rehabilitation Program’ for underserved families and children.


Marbury Joined the United Family Charitable Fund to Set Up a Youth Rehabilitation Program

2015-06-18 United Family Healthcare

June 18, 2015 marked the beginning of a collaborative effort between basketball star Stephon Marbury and the United Family Charitable Fund to create the ‘Youth Rehabilitation Program’ for underserved families and children.

The kick-off ceremony took place at the United Family Rehabilitation Hospital. Roberta Lipson, Chairman of United Family Healthcare and co-sponsor of the ‘Youth Rehabilitation Program’, stated that through this program and collaboration with Mr. Marbury, the organization hopes to raise awareness surrounding the importance of medical rehabilitation. As such, more children and adolescents in need of treatment will be able to improve the quality of their lives and enjoy a healthy future!

Marbury stated, “The United Family Rehabilitation Hospital is an extremely advanced facility and the United Family Charitable Fund is able to use those facilities to help a large number of children from poor families. Starting today, we will create the ‘United Family Marbury Youth Rehabilitation Program.’”

During the signing ceremony, both Lipson and Marbury had prepared a special gift for each other. Marbury donated a signed shirt with the slogan “Love is Love” on the back. Marbury explained that the shirt carries a lot of sentiment as it dates to 3 years ago, the first time he led the Beijing team to win a gold prize. At that time there were only 3 of these shirts in existence, and the one presented to Ms. Lipson is in reality the very last of its kind! Lipson in turn presented Marbury with a unique Chinese gift: a ceramic hat from Jingdezhen, the ceramic hub of China. The cap resembles the one worn by revered soldier Lei Feng who helped many in need, and symbolizes Marbury as the modern day Lei Feng since he too is extending aid to many other people.

Marbury emphasized the attention rehabilitation receives in the United States and through his own personal experience how important rehabilitation truly is. “A year and a half ago when I was 37 years old, I hurt my knee and had to go back to the United States for surgery, despite this we still won the championship. This past season has been my recovery period and because of this many people think we wouldn’t be able to win, but we overcame the challenges and won. This is something I could not have achieved without proper rehabilitation. I hope that in China people can begin to realize the importance of proper rehabilitation, especially the youth. Whether it is for children with congenital cerebral palsy, other physical disabilities or sports injuries, rehabilitation is equally important for all in order to live a healthy and happy life.”

For members of the public who are interested in donating to support the United Family Marbury Youth Rehabilitation Program, please visit the following website: http://gongyi.yeepay.com/project/239. This is a platform that supports online donations, and all proceeds are welcome! The organization pledges that all donations will go directly to the sponsorship of poor children and families who would not otherwise be able to receive the proper rehabilitation they need to recover.

An official email for program candidates is set up at Marburycares@unitedfoundation.org, and applications for the program can be directed to this address.

“Love is Love! Let’s help as many people as we can!” said Marbury. “There is a lot of suffering in this world, we can’t help everyone, but we always want to try and help as many as we can. It was in this city that I was able to start a new life and I look forward to working with United Family Healthcare, to help children start a new healthy life!”